Saturday, October 31, 2009

Be Good To Yourself! Not The Union!

Stop paying $600.00 a year to a Union that does NOTHING for you! The Store couldn't possibly pay lower wages then they do now, without suffering Huge Losses in Sales ! It would be impossible to retain current sales professionals, yet alone attract new ones if salaries were lowered further. If they did, they know that they would lose Hundreds of Millions in sales! That's right, not Millions in sales, but Hundreds of Millions would be lost! You are now being paid near 'Poverty Wages', ' You Must Pay For Your Own Health Care' and 'You Are Paid Less Than Your Contemporaries at Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman and Bloomingdales', who pay NO UNION DUES! How do you feel about having to apply for 'Disability', if you or someone you love becomes seriouslly ill?! How do you feel about being 'Deliberately Excluded' from negotiating 'YOUR OWN CONTRACT', by Borstel and the UFCW?!

Instead of forking your hard earned money over to the UFCW, why not use that $600 for something useful! That money could be used to pay for your health care premiums, which would not change in the absence of the union! Use it to take a mini vacation or add 6 sick days to your calandar year! Use it to buy something for yourself or if necessary, pay some bills! Why continue to pay this money to a organization that does not care about you, only your money? What happens if you don't pay your dues? The UFCW will terminate your employment, not Macys! Remember, that the UFCW collects the same amount from you, REGARDLESS of how they do their job. Whether they negotiate a bad contract, do not aggresively persue your rights when violated or allow Macys to continuously violate the contract with impunity, the UFCW still gets YOUR MONEY! In the absence of a union, you still have the 'NLRB' to protect you. They are legally obligated to protect you from unfair labor practices by an Employer, as they do for the employees of Neiman, Sacks, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Oh bye the way, the National Labor Relations Board doesn't charge you a dime!

Be good to yourself for a change and stop throwing your money away! This union does not care about you! Talk is cheap, but the UFCW's actions speak for themselves! Poverty Wages, No Sick Days, No Health Care, Exclusion from The Collective Bargaining Process and a 'Pay Dues Or Else' mentality! Does anyone not see a pattern here?! What are we paying dues for excatly? I believe in unions and have personally benefited from being in a union shop. That union was the 'Teamsters' and they did truly represent us! We were paid a decent wage, had full medical, dental and yes 'sick pay'. Other then paying monthly dues, I was not charged a penny for premiums or deductables for medical and dental. Even when I had needed a root canal and crown, I was not charged one penny. If I had a grievance, my union representative would come to me! He would either meet me wherever I was at the moment or back at my employers office. The problem was addressed that very day, not at some future date. My rep would contact the district manager and the problem was immediately addressed! If the company attempted to breach the contract or treat a member unfairly, the union would immediately right it up as an incident! Regardless of whether the employer righted the wrong or not, the offending sales rep or manager was held accountable. Repeat offenses by either, resulted in termination of the company employee. If not, the union would take legal action against the company. We also had a 'Strike Fund', not that it was ever needed. This is what 'All Members' should expect from their Union! If not, than what is the point of paying dues? If what we now receive from the UFCW was indicative of all Union Representation , the Labor Movement would never have gotten off the ground.

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