Monday, October 26, 2009

Many members are aware of problems with the UFCW 101 and its President, Mike Borstel. If Borstel isn't voted out of office soon, then the UFCW will be voted out by the members in 2014. Most of the union membership is comprised of young people that do not want to pay union dues under any circumstance. The minority is comprised of senior members, many of which are disinfranchised with the UFCW. The UFCW knows this and will do anything to avoid a 'Decertification Vote'. Fortunately for the membership in this case, all votes are equal. The vast majority of members do not want the UFCW for a variety of reasons. The younger members do not see the point in paying dues, while others that do understand the value of a union shop, know that this one is corrupt! In 2013 a 'Petition to Withdraw' can be presented to the NLRB. They are then obligated by law, to hold a 'Decertification Vote' at the store, with reps from all parties in attendence. The vote MUST be in person and public! This means that the UFCW cannot rig the vote, as they did in the 2008 contract negotiation. Since the vote will be in-person and public, their will be no way to 'NOT' varify the will of the dues-paying members! I believe in Unions, but not this one! This Union's only interest, is collecting dues...thats it! When they are aren't doing that, they are selling out the membership to the Store or spending our money. That is why we don't have a strike fund. It would cut into their expense accounts and persons being paid to do nothing. A perfect example is Diane Holland, who is never in her office, never attends grievance meetings and has no case load whatsoever! Despite this, she is paid an annual salary of nearly $100,000. She is assigned to the Geary Office but is never there, so what is she being paid for exactly?! If you want to represent the members, then you will need to prove that your administration will be different from Borstel's. If you cannot, then I see no need on taking a chance on trading one corrupt administration for another. I am quite sure that the membership will feel the same way. As things stand now, Macys West Employees make less money, have less benefits and poorer health care than ANY other Union Square Major Department Store Employees. The fact that they must pay union dues for these non privlages is absolutely outrageous! I have never heard of a union shop, where the members had to pay for their own health care in addition to union dues! The membership could get together and put a similiar or better package together, on their own! If you cannot provide for health care or at least come up with something better in terms of pay, benefits, sick time, health coverage and stronger language to protect members, then you are destined to fail. Joseph A Cristofalo response letter to 'Save Local 101 Alliance' at http://savelocal101.com/wst_page4.php This website has information that 'ALL Macys West Employees' will be interested in!

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